Aurora Eye Cream

Bird's feet and dark circles are two factors that make eyes look less attractive. Cho Nami eye cream with Ceramid and jojoba oil to form the optimal eye protection. Return beautiful and attractive eyes.

1.190.000đ : :

    • 1

      Reduce puffy eyes
    • 2

      Prevents formation of wrinkles from the eyes
    • 3

      Reduces dark circles and helps the eyes relax
    • 4

      No Petrolum surface active agent containing
    • 5

      No mineral oil containing
    • 6

      No Metyl Paraben preservative containing

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The eye area is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on human skin. With ceramide and fermented rice bran extracts containing a wide range of amino acids, it penetrates quickly into the eye area, protecting it from drying out and helping it to be more elastic.


Contains yeast extract extracted from Japanese yeast rice wine called "Yeast extract Saccharomyces Cerevisiae" to increase skin moisture. Ceramid EOP, Ceramid NP, Ceramid AP, Cerebroside is a fence of skin that helps restore and protect the skin from dryness.

With jojoba oil, it creates a thin film under the skin, preventing dry skin under the eyes


  • No petrolum surface active agent containing
  • No color additive containing
  • No metyl paraben preservative containing


* Note: The use of product may vary by habitus of each individual.

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