Impressed with a shy look, lack of confidence because the skin is not perfect but exquisite appearance of sophistication of a beautiful woman. From that moment on, Mr. Masa, a cosmetic researcher, is constantly concerned about the pigmentation and aging of skin that affects beauty. With the love and hope to bring a flawless skin from deep inside through skincare steps according to advanced Japanese technology, Cho Nami has appeared with the mission: Rescue the Vietnamese skin.

With 18 years experience in the cosmetic field, Mr. Masa has the vision and knowledge to create Cho Nami's unique formula. The main ingredient of the product is taken from pure mineral springs of Fuji mountain, cherry blossom extract and esoteric yeast sake... which extremely benign for all skin types. Light perfume with subtle design with the Asian beauty inspiration that clearly the difference of Cho Nami on the comestic market today.

Beauty must come from caring and nurturing. Cho Nami want to send a message to you: Vietnamese women should make a skin care habit right now if she do not want to aging soon! Cho Nami is extremely proud to become a companion to help Vietnamese beauty shining all over the world.
2018 @ Cho Nami