Essential Aurora Cream Night

Nourishes the skin. Improves skin's ability to repair damage from external aggressors. White, light whitening after 2 weeks of using.

1.450.000đ : :

    • 1

      Increases the elasticity of the skin
    • 2

      Moisturize the skin
    • 3

      Shrink your pores
    • 4

      Nourish whitening skin
    • 5

      Reinforces the skin structure
    • 6

      Prevent dark pigmentation

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With creamy texture, the main ingredient is Squalane oil. Squalane oil helps regulate sebum, protecting the skin from dryness during sleep. The dense creamy texture penetrates the skin, giving it elasticity, polish and glow from inside


Contains Squalane oil with small crystals that penetrate deeply into the skin. Helps to protect the skin, prevent dry skin in the long time

Contains the compounds that brighten the skin such as Arbutin, 3-Glyceryl ascorbate, which is a vitamin C but with more stable features, Bio Antage of aloe extract, Kudzu roots, Chlorella.

Contains the AHA ingredient that clean off the dead cells effectively. AHA extracts of haw, Chinese apple, grapes, orange, lemon.

Contains the ingredients that supply the anti-rough and moisturizing for the skin such as: hydrosis collagen, aphanothece sacrum exopolysaccharides.

Contains the ingredients protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays (Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, titanium oxide, alumina)

Contains anti-aging ingredients from 4 liposomal vitamin compounds (Liposomes are spherical and nanoparticles, the core contains nutrients, encapsulated by double phospholipids), Nicosome vitamins ABCE ( Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, tocopherol, retinol palmitate)


  • No petrolum surface active agent containing
  • No color additive containing
  • No metyl paraben preservative containing

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