Facial Enchanted Cleanser

Anti-Aging Cleanser to darken and prevent premature aging. Sake extract of yeast promotes the ability to regenerate skin structure, collagen inhibits melanin to darken the skin.

650.000đ : :

    • 1

      Clean, remove dirt
    • 2

      Provide moisture to the skin
    • 3

      Supplement collagen
    • 4

      Blush and wrinkle reduction
    • 5

      Improve signs of aging
    • 6

      Oil control, prevent acne

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It is a cleanser that both cleanses the skin and contains ingredients that make the skin brighter and more polish. Moreover, it contains many anti-aging compounds.


Ceramid EOP, Ceramid NP, Ceramid AP is a fence of skin that helps restore and protect the skin from dryness

Contains the yeast extract from Japan sake rice alcohol yeast called “Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast extract”, intensifying the humidity for the skin

Contains Coenzym 10 (CoQ10) complex, fullerene for anti-oxidation.

Contains stem cells that helps to make the skin elastic and firm.

Contains the ingredients that supply the anti-rough and moisturizing for the skin such as: hydrosis collagen, aphanothece sacrum exopolysaccharides (Sakuran)


  • No mineral oil containing
  • No petrolum surface active agent containing
  • No color additive containing
  • No metyl paraben preservative containing

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