Bring Japanese quintessence to nourish Vietnamese skin

Cho Nami is proud to be a line of skincare that was researched exclusively for Vietnamese skin. Cho Nami is made in Japan and by the expert, who create formulas for many famous cosmetics brands, animate to each product.

Age is not the main cause of aging. When getting older, Japanese women still have youthful skin and are full of vitality due to the habit of nourishing the skin and the right regimen. The beauty of Vietnamese women is gradually hidden by bad habits and the harms from environment.

Cho Nami carry the mission of rescue the Vietnamese skin, along with the Vietnamese beauty to love and cherish their skin. Not only towards the beauty from the outside, Cho Nami also wishes to help you beauty from the inside with services:

  • Cho Nami's Lounge: Set menu with mix salad with Japanese ingredients in order to give a balance nutrition. Fresh fruits, and pure juices which help not only your body be full of energy but also bring a flawless and healthy skin.
  • Free skin screening and consultation: Our staffs will assist you for skin screening, free consultation on your current skin as well as the most effective remedies.
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