1. Products quality

Kazuko Company is committed to trading only genuine quality goods. Kazuko does not trade in counterfeit goods, inferior quality goods, unknown origin.

  1. Price

With a publicly available price policy, listed on the shop floor and on the company's Web site, Kazuko is committed to offering a competitive price for every product the company sells.

  1. Delivery

Depending on the location of the delivery request of the customer, the number and type of goods of the order Kazuko will agree on each case with the maximum customer support.

  1. Customer care, after-sales service

- All products sold by Kazuko are strictly tested by the manufacturer and Vietnamese government.

- If customers need advice or have questions about products, Kazuko is always ready to answer and do customer care.

  1. Buy remotely

In the case of customers want to buy goods remotely, the method is as follows:

- You choose the product and find out the product price, the product line through the company's website or through the Consultant by phone, e-mail, chat ...
- Please contact us to confirm the order by e-mail, fax, telephone, and also determine the method of transportation.
- The method of transportation includes the following: rail, road, air and sea transport by the shipping company. ChoNami can introduce you to the shipping unit but the shipping company specified by the customer specified. If the order is free shipping, Kazuko reserves the right to choose shipping method. In case the order is not in case of free shipping, you need to pay this shipping fee. This shipping fee, if confirmed by the carrier, is required to be paid in advance, you need to transfer money to Kazuko + shipping, if the shipping fee is postpaid, you only forward the goods.
- You transfer money to the account of the company. For more details, please see the form of payment. Please fax or scan and e-mail your bank transfer to Kazuko.
- After the bank confirms the funds transfer to Kazuko's account, Kazuko will deliver the goods immediately to you according to the method specified by the customer.
  1. Payment

The form of payment at Cho Nami's store is cash, cheque or wire transfer.

The currency of payment is VND.

Account Name: Cong ty Co phan Thuong mai Kazuko

Account No.: 007 100 1206 688

Vietnam Comercial Bank (Vietcombank) - Ho Chi Minh Branch

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